Hi, I'm Dafna

My greatest passion is to be able to photograph endangered wild animals in their natural habitats. Bringing into awareness rare and beautiful nearly extinct species is why I travel the world to remote locations and try to capture on camera these amazing creatures.  

who I am

I'm Dafna, a devoted animal lover, wildlife photographer, world traveler, a wife and a proud mom of twins.

My mission

My goal has always been to bring as much attention and awareness to endangered Wildlife. The best way I have found I can contribute is through my photography.

What I do

I photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. Focusing mostly on endangered species. It is very important for me to raise awareness with my photographs and tell the stories of unique animals around the world.

"Ever since I can remember I have always had a great love for wildlife, arts and the camera. Through photography I found a way to enjoy my passion for adventure with my life goal to raise awareness for my causes through my positive point of view."
Dafna Ben Nun and a Panda
Dafna Ben Nun
Wildlife and Performance Photographer

Some of My Favorite Moments